Blast from the past – Dynasty

Today’s Blast from the Past section will be devoted to taaaadaaaa Dynasty.

I know, I know this section is getting naffer by the minute, however naff as it may be Dynasty was never boring.

Krystle with her larger then life shoulder pads and sequins, Alexis with her bitch slapping ways and a beehive and then there was Steven who after plastic surgery completely changed his appearance and went from Al Corley to Jack Coleman (to young ones born after the glorious decade of 80s he is probably more familiar as HRG from Heroes).

Dynasty was a soap opera that run on ABC for 9 seasons and it was the story about Carringtons, the wealthy oil family from Denver.

Goodness gracious me Dynasty was all about drama. What I find funny about these soap operas is how any explanation seems reasonable enough after a while. People return from the dead, sometimes they look the same, sometimes their appearance changes completely but could we, the faithful viewers, be heard complaining? Nah, of course not.

What is even funnier how whenever networks need to boost the ratings someone falls in or out of coma/suffers from amnesia/gets shot at in a Moldavian massacre. See I can’t even believe I just wrote that, but you know it did make sense at the time.

But I think Dynasty was best known for Krystle/Alexis catfights. Now that alone was worth watching, these two bitch-slapped each other like nobody’s business which coincides with the fact and this is an interesting tidbit – it was during one of these catfights that word bitch was first used on US prime time television.

Also Steven aka Jack Coleman was first openly gay TV character in a prime time TV show. So Dynasty naff as it was, did break new boundaries.

I do remember I was completely absorbed at the time. Then after Dynasty ended 2 years later the network came up with Dynasty: the Reunion and the whole purpose of that exercise was to tie up loose ends. I did see it eventually and you know what? I kept asking myself what did I find interesting to begin with?

But there you have it, me thinks I’m not far off when I say Dynasty was a guilty pleasure for a good number of us in the 80s.