Stephen Fry Appreciation Day

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I have made an executive decision that every Monday will be Stephen Fry Appreciation Day. Why is that so you might ask? Well since I am one of the writers on this blog I can do that. But
reasons are many:

· with winter coming Mondays are bound to be wet, cold and
dreary so we all need something nice to cheer us up and you do not get lovelier then Mr.

· life and work of Mr. Fry is so exceptional and varied that it means I will not run out of topics to write about

· I have a bit of a crush on delightful Mr. Fry

· I have ordered Moab is my washpot and it will take 4 weeks to have it delivered (that’s what you get when you live where I do tsss) so I have to kill some time until then

· He is far more interesting topic then lets say Lindsay Lohan or any other well you know I don’t want to be rude but there is an appropriate term.

So the idea is we will run Stephen Fry Appreciation Day until we either get

a) bored (which is highly unlikely) or b) until Mr. Fry agrees to answer our little Q and A (which is also a bit dubious since he is such a busy man).

And for our little Q and A we will accept questions from his fans and members of his group on Facebook so it will be more of a communal effort. I will have some questions of my own of course and hereby I solemnly swear my first question will not be “what is it like?” (I might be blond, but I’m not THAT blond after all).

This also coincides with his latest blog which left me

a) in stitches as who but lovely Mr. Fry would draw a parallel with smoking and hitting yourself on the head with a parsnip (which I have been doing for quite some time now tssss I know horrible and I should stop) and

b) excited as he is in the States making another documentary yay!

So anyhow if you have any ideas what piece of Mr. Fry’s work you would like to see covered feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below and join us every Monday for Stephen Fry Appreciation day (tea, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate all optional).

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