TV’s favorite pets

In my house we are big on pets, ah well one tends to be big on pets when you have a dog and 3 cats, so I thought lets take a look at furry little buggers that we have loved to watch over the years. And
lets face it furry little buggers are such fantastic scene stealers they do deserve some recognition and credit.

  • Eddie from Frasier – well it has got to be Eddie hasnt it? If there ever was a dog that could steal any scene (well apart from Lassie) it is Eddie. Even though Frasier is long gone, who could ever forget that little Jack Rusell terrier and that stare? You remember the stare? Surely you do.

  • Marcel the monkey – even though Marcel the monkey only did last one season on Friends, his stay was a memorable one. My favorite scene by far is the one when Marcel switches on the stereo, “In the Jungle” booms out of the speakers and he goes off for a sulk, I mean that had me in stitches.

  • Garfield – ok technically Garfield is a cartoon, however Garfield will always be Garfield. One of my favorite cartoon characters when I was growing up, who always made me a bit peckish everytime he mentioned lasagna.

  • Duck and chick from Friends – now duck and chick came to Friends when the series actually became funny. There were some precious scenes but I still cant decide which one was my favorite, when the chick turned out to be a rooster or when Chandler and Joey make them a little play pen in the entertainment center, with little fairy lights and disco ball.

  • Murray from Mad about you – ah lovely Murray was one silly little dog. Ok he was a bit stupid but charming none the less. Buchman’s dog loved to chase that invisible mouse.

  • Flipper – who doesnt remember Flipper? Ah show me any child who wasn’t in love with dolphins at one time or another. There were some cute antics, I mean its a dolphin after all, but the title song in case you have forgotten here are the lyrics to the chorus

“They call him Flipper, Flipper, faster than lightning,

No-one you see, is smarter than he,

And we know Flipper, lives in a world full of wonder,

Flying there-under, under the sea!”

  • Buck from Married with Children – imagine living with Bundys? Goodness gracious me, however we didnt have to imagine because we had the running commentary from Buck. One funny dog.

  • Killer from Veronica Mars – now Veronica Mars was one kickass kind of girl, so she had to have a kickass kind of dog. I mean its not like taser wasnt enough

  • Chester from Nanny – now this dog made the list simply because a)he is so funny looking in those little outfits and b)he deserves it, dogs have sensitive ears and well have you heard Fran Drescher?

  • Rowdy from Scrubs – I know it is a stuffed dog, however it would be creepy if it wasnt so damn funny

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