Cupid resurrected

Goodness gracious me. Cupid resurrected. After 10 years. I will say it again goodness gracious me now I have heard it all (and I cant help myself to have a little hope that perhaps the same would happen with Veronica Mars).

Cupid was a short lived show created by Rob Thomas. There were only 15 episodes altogether, however it has managed to gather a cult following. The main character played by Jeremy Piven thought he was Cupid and he went around matchmaking people. And that about sums it up as we have never learned if he really is Cupid or was he just a bit deranged. And now as Variety reports Cupid is coming back. Jeremy Piven will not be dusting his bow and arrow as he is busy with Entourage, so I do wonder who will they cast for the leading role. But all in all I will tune in, as a general rule the stuff Rob Thomas comes up with is a) usually good and b) doesn’t last very long so make sure to tune in.

Source: Variety

Jericho coming back next month?

Have you heard of Jericho? You must have… the show about little town in Kansas in the aftermath of the nuclear bombs that have hit the States. For those of you unfamiliar with the show it airs on CBS and it was cancelled without much notice in May. That in turn enraged fans that have bombarded CBS with nuts. Yes as in peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, all sorts of nuts 20 tons of them in fact. And the fans were victorious as CBS decided to renew the show for another 7 episodes. The plan was to bring the show back as a midseason replacement and wrap things up.

Postapocalyptic scenarios were never my cup of tea but this show is really good. And it only took me 6 episodes to get over my dislike for Skeet Urlich.

Now good people at TVweek have a scoop that there is a possibility Jericho could return as early as next month. Basically if one of the new fall CBS shows flop, Jericho will return. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? I mean not necessarily that another show flops but that Jericho returns so soon? It is bad enough we have to wait till next year for Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Not to mention long hiatuses are never good, networks should realize that by now.

However if Jericho does return every viewer will count so make sure to tune in if you want to see more. And if that fails there are always nuts.

Source: TVweek