Battle of TV Giants: LA Ink vs. Miami Ink

I’m not a big fan of reality TV. I am actually fascinated by people who religiously follow Big Brother or similar shows. I was never really interested in watching dozen or so people talking crap for three months; and it especially irritates me when people in question are dumber that those rats in Meerkat Manor. Turd, Turd, Turd.

Although, I avoid reality shows, like Britney Spears avoids rehab, I found some substance in these tattooing shows. While Miami Ink has been on TLC’s schedule for some time now, Kat Von D’s LA Ink is a recent addition to reality TV craze. To be completely honest, you know I have a problem expressing my opinion; last season of Miami Ink was a disappointment. I have a feeling that guys in Miami got in a sort of a runt from which they can’t get out. They abandoned their proven concept of art and customers stories first, than our lives; for the one that concentrates totally on them and their personal problems, rather than tattooing which has become something of a distraction in their daily lives. I have a feeling that the show is more and more concentrating on owner’s bar than tattoo parlor. The show should be called Miami Drink, not Miami Ink.

On the other hand Kat von D has taken good old concept and made it better by bringing on board great artists, hot woman and celebrities. Actually she has made a spinoff more interesting than the original show. Artists are spectacular as they should be (nobody wants to see bad tattoos) and visiting celebrities are a nice touch. Oh, and have I mentioned there are hot women in the show.

So, in this Battle of TV Giants I have to declare the winners: Gals and Guy at LA Ink.

NOTE TO SELF: Get a big ass tattoo. Ladies like it, at least LA ladies do!