You Stupid Woman! – What About “‘Alo ‘Alo”

Good Moaning, Berta!

How could have you forgotten ‘Alo ‘Alo? Undoubtedly one of the greatest TV shows of all times! Their visionary humor preformed in three languages at the same time made TV history. This was the first time a TV show was simultaneously broadcast in French, German and English. Truly a visionary move on the part of producers! For all of you in Internetland who don’t know what I’m talking about, well producers invented new technology that enabled actors to speak all three languages. A universal translator, of sorts; but the one that only works in EU. The technology didn’t need any machinery or electricity, all the actors had to do was speak English but with German, French or British accent; and we all understood them. OK, maybe it’s not technology per se; but it works and if EU implemented this they would save a bundle on translation fees. And seriously, like German politicians don’t have to learn German accent, they already have it! Genius! Ahead of its time my friends, ahead of its time!

NOTE TO SELF: Patent EU universal translator.


Must see TV – the best of British comedy

Only Fools and Horses

Why do I love Only Fools and Horses, let me count the ways. I still cant decide who I like best – Delboy cos of his Brut aftershave and delightfully bad French, Rodney for his general gawkiness and boyish good looks (yeah I realize I am strange), Grandpa with his filthy hat or uncle Albert and his “During the war” line. British comedy at its best. I have grown up on this stuff and I cannot recommend it more profusely. There are 3-wheel vans, exploding blow up dolls, quips, wit and British sarcasm, what more could you possibly want? It has been voted as the best British sit come ever.

Red Dwarf

Oh this is another good one. I started watching it by chance during one summer break. The story plot is about a ship that is drifting through deep space. You have Lister (whos from Liverpool and eats a lot of vindaloo), Rimmer (hes a pompous git and a hologram) and Kryten (mechanoid). Oh and I forgot Cat (hes basically a human mutation of Lister’s cat). Anyhow hilarious. Even though I generally don’t like Sci-Fi (well apart from Battlestar Galactica)

Monthy Python

It is pointless to explain the Monthy Python, I mean if you haven’t watched it ever, well… it is popular culture after all.

Black Adder

Want to see what Mr. Laurie did before he became my favorite curmudgeon and America’s favorite doctor? Then watch Black Adder, he does a mean Prince of Wales (no, I don’t mean the current one) but also in the last season hes quite fancy in a dress. Got to love them you’ll never see a normal, decent British actor a) shy away from making a twit out of himself b) shy away from wearing a dress.

Rowan Atkinson is simply brilliant, perhaps I got so used to him as Mr. Bean that I forget there is more to him then slapstick comedy.

And Baldrick, oh disgusting, thick, absolutely lovely Baldrick and his “cunning plans”. Voted second most popular sitcom of all times in Britain.

One Foot in the Grave

Oh Victor Meldrew is my second favorite grouch (tsss of course House is the first – OMG I just realized, whats with me and the grouches, I must be masochistic). Anyhow a story about a grumpy pensioner and his wife. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but trust me it is. Rip-roaringly funny.

Absolutely Fabulous

Who does not know about Edwina and her faithful sidekick Patsy? Aaaah. I would be hard stretched to tell you my favorite Ab Fab moment. Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders and a host of reoccurring characters make this a must see for any self-respecting lover of British humor. Absolutely Fabulous is absolutely hilarious.

Yes, Minister

Bureaucracy, corruption, inefficient civil service, very and I mean very clever but which is more astounding (and I have found that out just now) based on some real situations. But then again life can be so ridiculous sometimes, are you surprised? Anyhow, it is about a minister (later in the series he becomes the Prime minister) who has to deal with the machinery that is British civil service. Of course general opinion is that he is a bit of a twit. Hm should I mention this, Margaret Thatcher was a fan.

Fawlty Towers

Aaaah, John Cleese, he can be annoying at times cant he? But I love him much the same. I watched Fawlty Towers marathon one weekend when I had the flu, I almost chocked cos my nose was blocked and I laughed so hard and the snot… well you get the idea.

Mix a small seaside hotel, crazy owner and his more stable wife, Spanish waiter that speaks bad English and semi-normal receptionist, throw in a few crazy regulars and you get Fawlty towers.

Are you being served?

One of the golden oldies but I do love it. About a department store in London with a cast of characters so diverse it makes for some giggle inducing situations. I did like Mr. Humphries (him for his voice) and Mrs Slocombe (her for her hair) the best.