Gossip Girl – Perez Hilton Meets O.C. and One Tree Hill

This is why illustrious CW execs canceled Veronica Mars? For this half baked teen drama that has no substance at all, we lost a show like Veronica Mars. I’m only half way through the show any I’m bored out of my mind.

There is absolutely no purpose for this show. We’ve seen it dozens of times and in most instances they were bad and didn’t last. To be honest Gossip Girl does innovate. They take alcohol and drug abuse to a whole new level. From the first episode all of the spoiled brats are too stoned and too drunk to remember their own names; so to address each other they use only first letters of their names. So there are characters like B. and S. and they are best friends and worst enemies. S. or B. has slept with B.’s or S.’s boyfriend, and like this is like the biggest problem in the world, like. Seriously, people!

Dear writers/producers I’ll use words you understand. Like, stop re-writing old canceled show, ’cause they have been like canceled, ’cause they have been like bad and they are like no good and we like don’t like them anymore! Like, not all of us want to be like Britney Spears! Like! Bring back Veronica Mars!

NOTE TO SELF: Get fixed, immediately!!!

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