Californication – Take 2

Well slap me corrected and call me a monkey’s uncle, this show just might not be as bad as I originally thought. In fact, last night’s episode was actually quite good. Yes, I might have been wrong about this show after all. If the show continues on the path they’ve started, they just might have the best comedy in a while. Why were the first three episodes so bland? And why is this a problem of every new show? Why do the producers feel like they have to slowly bring us into the show? Just decide what you want the show to be about and run with it!

Once again Natascha McElhone does a wonderful job. I have no words for her performance; she just blows this show away! And Madeline Zima, can you believe that that’s little Gracie? I must admit she has become a beautiful woman and acting wise, I can dig her performance in the show so far. I still can’t believe that that’s little Gracie! For the Moody part of the show; now that Duchovny’s character got his shit together and stopped teaching us about the meaning of life, he’s becoming sorta likable. In the end I have to take my hat off to the writers of this episode; the jokes about Angelina’s vagina, but plugs and klit-lit is the kind of humor this show needs. This is the link they’ve been missing! If they continue to write this way they will have an awesome show!

NOTE TO SELF: Meditation of the week: “Emergency waxing session of Angelina’s vagina”