The Walking Dead Bingo

With the first episode of the latest season of The Walking Dead having just aired, its millions of fans from all over the world are getting restless trying to see what happens to Rick and his friends this season. The series has veered away from the comic enough to be unpredictable, but let’s face it, there are some things that you just know you’re going to see: Rick spirals further into dementia, Carl skulks away and tries to be a man, and Michonne shows up just in time to slice a zombie’s head off before it can eat a survivor.

So, we figured, why not make a game out of watching The Walking Dead? A game of The Walking Dead Bingo is perfect for both watching the latest episodes, and binge watching the entire series to pass the time before the next episode airs. It’s quite simple, really: make a set of bingo cards containing all of the things you expect to see in an episode of TWD (i.e. legless zombies, zombies on fire, someone smearing blood and guts on themselves to try and look like a zombie, etc…) and distribute them to your friends. Once you start watching, cross off the things you encounter in the episodes, with the first one to complete a pattern being dubbed the winner.


What does the winner get? It’s all up to you. Free Bingo Hunter says that prizes for online bingo games now have ranged from huge prizes (we’re talking Peugeots and hundreds of thousands of dollars) to, well, meh prizes like shopping vouchers for obscure stores. Zombie-themed goodies will always be the better choice, of course, and maybe you could even charge a $1 entrance fee to your friends per game so you can save up for a big prize.

Too lazy to make your own cards? There’s an amazing set over at Paste Magazine, but it hasn’t been updated in a while so you’re better off using them in past seasons. Healthy Tipping Point has a couple of cards too, but if you really want to play for Season 5, you’re going to have to put your heads together to make your own cards!

How to Get Away with Murder

Dear ladies and gents,

so. Shonda Rhimes has got me again. With her How to Get Away with Murder. Yes, I know she is just the producer and Peter Nowalk is the dude behind the show, but this has Shonda’s fingers all. over. it.

It’s ridiculous. Absolutely bloody ridiculous. ALL the cliffhangers. I mean – come on! And ALL the flash forwards. And ALL the smart interns who will stop at nothing to win that damn trophy. And then there is Annalise Keating. Who is scarily brilliant at her job and never loses, but her personal life is a bit of a mess. What with the cheating husband and the now ex detective boyfriend and the crying and the pleading and whathaveyou. And then there are all these other characters and it’s kinda hard to keep track of them all… and… and…


The thing is all of Shonda’s shows start like that. Remember Grey’s back in the day. Remember Scandal.

In the beginning I’m all like this bastards and bishes all be crazy and what the what is going on. And then a couple of episodes in I realize I’m hooked and I can’t stop watching. *sigh*

See, Shonda knows. Shonda knows how to get us hooked. Resistance is futile.

In the interest of fairness

Dear ladies and gents,

I have recommended the Strain to my brother. Who watched one episode and was all like – what is this sh*t?

So obvs not everyone liked it as much as I did. In the interest of fairness here is a quick list of stuff that sucked about the Strain (I am well aware I’m kinda grasping here). But again, I still liked it.

- You can’t eat while watching the Strain. You might wonder why. Because of stuff like below.

- Corey Stoll’s wig situation. I don’t understand what the what is that about.

- As mentioned previously the Master

And as mentioned before

- Fet’s dye job.

Scandal fashun

Dear ladies and gents,

a while back I got hooked on Scandal. It has all the components of a great TV show – a strong female lead, storylines that were at time frankly ridiculous (but I gobbled them up anyway) and plenty of cliffhangers that kept me coming back for more.

And now just like that – I have gone off it. Don’t ask me why, I am a fickle bish that way (I suspect it has something to do with How to Get Away with Murder, because SO.GOOD. Ridiculous, but so good).

The outfits though are still top notch.

In September the Limited launched the Scandal collection. It is a collaboration between Kerry Washington, Scandal’s costume designer Lyn Paolo and the Limited head designer Elliot Staples. The collection has 78 pieces and you are suppose to mix and match it with the stuff already in your closet.

I don’t understand the wide legged pants, because hm the fit is a bit odd? but that coat is sooo pretty (I don’t think I’d dare to wear it, because I would spill something down my front for sure). Also that white suit? Hm no, not happening unless I suddenly start to hover above ground not touching anything. Don’t have a clue what the fit is like though and based on the product description the collection *does* seem to feature a lot of polyester?

Truth be told I think these designer collaborations are a bit of a rip off? Take Isabel Marant for H&M for example. From that whole collection there was one coat, one top and one pair of sweatpants that I liked. The rest was meh at best. So I think the same is applicable here?

Images: The Limited