The After and Bosch – we are getting a full season, y’all

Dear ladies and gents,

one of my pet peeves is people who don’t read. And by this I don’t mean books (although that gets a side-eye too). I mean instructions, small print, work related emails, you get the drift.

An example – if you have ever taken an escalator while using the tube in London, the sign (usually placed somewhere it is really and I mean REALLY difficult to miss) states in black and white “Stand on the right”.

And yet you always get some assh*le standing and chatting away merrily. On the LEFT side.

Another example – work/personal related emails. You’ll write something. Plain as day. And then whoever will respond by asking: “Yes, but what about…” and if they only scrolled a bit further down they would be able to see the answer to their question. If they, you know, BOTHERED TO READ the email in the first place.

Well… I turned into one of those assh*les.

A while back I wrote about the After and Bosch, two of the new Amazon pilots.

I didn’t realize that meant there was only one episode each. Because again, I turned into an assh*le who doesn’t BOTHER TO READ.

BUT… but…

Amazon picked up six of the original pilots. And two of these are Bosch and the After (am not too fussed about the others to be honest). In case you are wondering, I checked and read the article. Twice. I am nipping my arsehole-ish tendencies in the bud.

The series are going into production and should be available for viewing at the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015.

Source: Variety

Interstellar trailer

Dear ladies and gents,

I saw Inception on what was the hottest day that summer. Or at least it felt like it. I hobbled home all pukey and sh*t and on a verge of a heat stroke. But you know what? It was worth because the movie was amazing. Even Leonardo diCaprio was hmmm what’s the word… palatable?

Now here ladies and gents we have the trailer for Interstellar.

Ambiguous or what? It can be about bloody anything (although to be honest them wheat fields gave me a nasty flashback to the Happening and them trees. And that was NOT a good movie).

But I will go and see it. Not because I’m ride or die Nolan fan. It is because I have every faith the movie won’t be sh*t. On the plus side – the release date is November 7th and thank heavens for that, don’t fancy another brush with a heat stroke.

On a side note – who would have thought we’d see the day Matthew bleeding McConaughey would be in a Nolan movie? And not taking his shirt off? Fair play to him and his agent.

Broad City

Image: Comedy Central

Dear ladies and gents,

it’s been difficult to find comedy shows that I truly love (obvs I have my tried and tested UK comedies, but sometimes you just want something new, you know?) Last year it was Parks and Recreation, then IT Crowd, but that is about it. It is not that all comedy shows are SO bad, it just that they lack that little bit of extra me thinks? And are too formulaic? Does that make sense? If I get a couple of giggles out of any given show, I consider that success.

Then an article about Broad City popped up in my reader. A couple of days later, it happened again. And again. So I was like okay, let’s see what that is about.

Broad City was created by Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and it was originally produced as a web series. Then Amy Poehler got on board as the executive producer and the series got commissioned by Comedy Central.

Broad City is about two ladies – Illana and Abbi. They are in their 20s, they are best friends and they live in New York. They are kinda broke, they are kinda odd and they are well funny.

Like remember when you were in your twenties and you had a friend who just got you? Like really (REALLY!) got you? And you did silly things just because it seemed like a good idea at the time? Well sorta (hindsight and all that)? Yeah Abbi and Illana are kinda like that. And I love them for it. It took me about two episodes to get into it, but I found myself snorting with laughter episode after episode.

And to get it out of the way – even though the show is about ladies who are friends and who are living and dating and getting by in New York, Sex in the City it ain’t. And it’s all that much better for it. TRUST.

So yes, give Broad City a go, me thinks you will like it. On a side note – second season has already been commissioned.

WTF of the week – The Good Wife (part 2)

Dear ladies and gents,

I was behind with the Good Wife. Like 3 episodes behind (travel gets in the way of good television, but that is one of the BEST reasons to fall behind). On Monday morning though it was difficult to miss the news someone was killed off. Through sheer luck I managed to avoid any major spoilers, but yes I had my suspicions (you’ll have to click to read through, do not want to spoil anyone).

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