UK shows to check out this winter

Dear ladies and gents,

had this post saved in drafts for weeks. WEEKS. Blogger fail. This merits a double face palm obviously.

(It’s never not a good time to use this gif).

At any rate – here are some UK shows to check out this November/December.

First stop – Christmas. BBC is pulling ALL the stops this Christmas and they commissioned a number of Christmas specials including but not limited to Call The Midwife, Still Open All Hours, Mrs Brown’s Boys, Citizen Khan, Boomers, Not Going Out and Nan.

Then there is Doctor Who.

Then there is Sherlock. On a side note – totes not feeling this Victorian special. Am I the only one? It’s like meh whatever can we have a proper season? I’m kinda like there is so much great TV, do you really want to wait that long between seasons? Yes, yes I know, I know Doctor Strange and all that, Cabbagepatch is busy, but as I said whatever.

I will tell you what I am excited about.


Yes, that’s how excited I am about Luther.

Ok here is some other stuff that aired recently that might be worth a look.


I watched River and lemme tell ya – it’s dark. And heavy. So please don’t say I didn’t warn you. It stars Stellan Skarsgård as Detective John River who… well… sees dead people? Before you start shouting at me for being a spoilery cow – it’s right there in the trailer, they give it away!

At any rate, it’s a solid police drama, but the emphasis is on drama, if that makes sense. River is available on Netflix in case anyone is interested.


I quite liked Unforgotten – so they discover a skeleton in this house, right? And the police discovers this poor bugger was murdered some 30 odd years earlier. So one detective makes it her mission to find out who murdered him. Stars Nicola Walker and Trevor Eve (of the Waking the Dead fame).

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde is about Robert Jekyll (played by Tom Bateman), the grandson of Dr. Jekyll, who is trying to learn more about his family’s history. Obviously that will end well. The show seems to be a bit gory as a bunch of people in UK complained it was too bloody to be shown before 9pm. Hm just a suggestion, don’t watch then?

London Spy

Now London Spy. I still haven’t gotten round to it, will probably save it for the holiday period. At any rate – it’s about two guys who meet and fall in love, but it soon transpires that one is a spy. And suddenly goes missing. So his boyfriend decides to find him. The thing is – the cast is stellar – Ben Whishaw, Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling (among others) so I think this will be worth the watch. Also? London p*rn :) As in the city.

The Frankenstein Chronicles

The latest show for ITV – it stars Sean Bean as John Marlott, an inspector investigating a series of murders in London in 19th century that may have been committed by a doctor who is determined to reanimate the dead.

Random thing about the Strain

Dear ladies and gents,

so I mentioned a number of times how I wasn’t super excited about anything that aired this summer. But fall is here, it’s not hot anymore and we can watch telly like normal people again.

The problem was what to watch since as I mentioned there wasn’t much on. I thought and thought and then I was like ok I’ll catch up with the Strain. My reasoning was that I can have it on, not pay too much attention and read a book at the same time. Oh please, like you never do that! Sheesh.

So I watched a few episodes, then skipped a few episodes, then watched a few episodes.

And then this character called Mr. Quinlan showed up. I thought something sounded familiar, but again I wasn’t really paying attention?

For reference this is what Mr. Quinlan looks like.

Image via the Hollywood Reporter

I was down to the last couple of episodes and it was nagging at me. Like nagging to the point I had to google. There was something about the face and the voice.

Well. I’m a freaking proper blond, I’ll tell you that.

It was only bleeding RUPERT PENRY-JONES!!!

For reference (for anyone who hasn’t watched Spooks or Whitechapel or Silk) this is what Rupert Penry-Jones looks like.

Image via the Telegraph

What the ever loving ****?!

Did they really have to hide the pretty? (look, we have already established I’m shallow, ok?)

But on the plus side:

a) I’ve read the following interview and according to Penry-Jones the character in the novels doesn’t have nose or ears, which you know they at least left him with that (before you shout at me, no I didn’t read the books. Not yet anyway).

b) he obviously loves it. Like any actor would say no to Guillermo del Toro! If he tells you to slap some goo on, you slap some goo on.

Image via Rupert Penry-Jones’s Twitter

and c) he really is good. I didn’t even realize until a few episodes in. Given I wasn’t REALLY paying attention, but still.

Although honestly? I would prefer another season of Whitechapel.

Worth the money – Sicario

Dear ladies and gents,

go and watch Sicario. Like now. It is easily the best movie I saw in the last couple of years.

I do have to warn you – Sicario is not a relaxing movie. It’s more anxiety inducing if anything. Intense. Heavy. Morally ambiguous. It is not the most pleasant watch.

Remember how in Dark Knight there was this deep, deep bass pumping from the very first scene? Like the beat of the heart?

Same here.

I’ll find myself in the cinema and usually around the midpoint my attention will wander off. I’m there, but not there fully, does that make sense? But from the very first scene this movie grips you and doesn’t let go. For the full 2 hours. And not because you are trying to keep up with what the what is happening (like with let’s say Inception).

It’s about drug lords, cartels, FBI, but really the less you know, the better.

Benicio Del Toro can act. No doubt about it. But he OWNS this movie. He is that bloody good. He will punch you in the gut and pull you in on a visceral level you probably didn’t even know you had.

And can I have a hell yeah for Emily Blunt who I think did her best work with this movie? And they originally wanted a guy! Hm hello. Denis Villeneuve had to fight (!!!) with the studio executives to have Emily Blunt play the role.

As far as I’m concerned, give them all an Oscar now. This is not an Oscar bait-y movie that has one strong performance and the rest is faff. No.

Start to finish this movie is the dog’s bollocks.